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blanco | want wit is altijd schoon

gallery shots: thanks to Zeit

studio photographs: thanks to Nattida Jayne

 14|12|2020 - 16|01|2021

open every Thursday, Friday & Saturday 2 pm - 7 pm and on appointment
closed on 24, 25, 26 & 31 December and 1 & 2 January

viewable 24/7 online & through the gallery window

Jo Delahaut + Tom Mosley + Erik Haemers + Ann Rikkers + Walter Leblanc + Guy Vandenbranden + Herbert
Jef Meyer + David Boon
Erik Haemers + Ann Rikkers + Walter Leblanc + Guy Vandenbranden
Herbert Hamak + Jef Meyer + David Boon + Filip Collin + Henri Gabriel
Henri Gabriel + Walter Ponsaert + Filip Cleynen
Filip Cleynen +  Paul Van Hoeydonck +  Sergio Asti + Achille Castiglioni + Paul Ibou
Filip Collin +  Jo Delahaut


Zeit kindly invited me to participate in the groupexpo


white to fight the darkness of the season, and of the past year.

​Blanco. A blank canvas. A clean start.


Zeit made a excellent small-scale set-up in the front room of the gallery,
with nothing but artworks devoid of bright colours. The result is Blanco, a series of abstract works in different shades of white and off-white, some yellowed over time, some white as snow, in paper, wood, aluminium, fabric, concrete, plastic and glass, presented in a white room.

On view is "alu profile 00". The start of a new series to be shown in 2021.

ZEIT finds its origin in a lifetime of collecting, of bringing together works and items by famous favourites and unsung abstract heroes, and sharing our life with them. Expect mainly post-war abstract and emerging artists, mixed with selected design pieces and a dash of Pop Art in a private setting.

artworks by


Sergio Asti, David Boon, Filip Cleynen, Filip Collin, Gilbert Decock, Jo Delahaut, Henri Gabriel, Herbert Hamak, Erik Haemers, Jan Henderikse, Nick Hullegie, Paul Ibou, Jef Meyer, Tom Mosley, Walter Ponsaert, Ann Rikkers, Gilbert Swimberghe, Guy Vandenbranden, Paul Van Hoeydonck & Mark Verstockt 

furniture and lamps by

Gae Aulenti, Mario Bellini, Achille Castiglioni, Joe Colombo, Marco Zanuso

text: thanks to Zeit

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