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Zwischen meinen Ichs
Laurence Petrone, Erik Haemers, Bernd Lohaus

gallery shots: thanks to Zeit

studio + previous expo: thanks to Nattida Jayne + Cedric Verhelst

 15|09|2022 _ 06|11|2022

open every Friday + Saturday 14h00_19h00

Thursday + Sunday on appointment


7hursday 15 September  19h00_22h00

Friday 28 October  14h00_21h00


Stanleystraat 16, 2018 Berchem

+32 496 877 778


alu profile 00, aluminium profile ‘collage’, raw aluminium
Zeit_Zwischen_meinen_Ichs_fotoLucF_ (3)
LAURENCE_PETRONE_NOUS (Autrefois Toi)_II_detail_2022 med res
Ziet Zwischen meinen Ichs foto Filip Collin med res crop


Zeit kindly invited me to participate in the expo

Zwischen meinen Ichs

on view are works from my Hoek, Alu Profile, Frame & Grid series

new works of the Alu Profile + Hoek series were made especially for this expo

the selection highlights different sides of my work from the last few years

from light+ fragile + handmade to industrial + heavy but equally pure

contrasting but connecting with the work of Laurence Petrone + Bernd Lohaus

thank you Luc Franken for bringing us all together in your world


Laurence Petrone, Erik Haemers, Bernd Lohaus,

Heinz Mack, Sol LeWitt, Pol Mara, Mark Verstockt, amongst others

limited edition lights

Dimitrih Correa


text by Zeit

‘Ich bin zwischen meinen Ichs’ is a sentence taken from Bernd Lohaus’ book für. It sums up beautifully what the late great German artist stands for: he – and by extension we all – are constantly drifting between the multiple facets our character is made up of.

Laurence Petrone, freshly graduated from the sculpture department at the Antwerp Academy and a great admirer of Bernd Lohaus’ oeuvre, suggested the quote to us as a title when we asked her to take part in our opening show of the season.

Our second guest, Erik Haemers, translates his everyday observations into sculptural, geometric works, exploring different materials, layers and techniques while questioning the limits of fine art by switching back and forth between high-end and ubiquitous materials.

When it turned out that he is equally fond of Bernd Lohaus’ work, we decided to put together an exhibition centred around and inspired by Lohaus’ practice and writings, with the much-appreciated help and support of Anny De Decker and Stella Lohaus.

​Apart from some key works by Bernd Lohaus, Zwischen meinen Ichs showcases Laurence’s graduation collection NOUS (Autrefois Toi), combining materials she often works with such as copper, lead, turmeric, corn and marble, as well as a number of selected items from Erik’s Alu Profile, Hoek (Corner) and Frame series.

​In tune with the materials used by our main artists, we add three recent creations by upcoming Brazilian designer Dimitrih Correa, part of his Materiae series, consisting of six lamps in an edition of ten copies each.
They are manufactured by hand in Rio de Janeiro using only sustainable materials such as reclaimed noble hardwoods and carbon steel.

As is custom at ZEIT, the pieces of our guest artists are interspersed with a number of artworks by post-war abstract favourites, including a large-scale silkscreen by Sol LeWitt, an early monotype by Pol Mara and a radiant Silberflügel by Heinz Mack.


a huge thank you to

Luc Franken

thank you


Animus Design



+ all others who supported me with their words, actions & love

photos by Filip Collin, Laurence Petrone, Cedric Verhelst, Geeert CArlu, Luc Franken, ...

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