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billboard [spring]

a temporary in situ installation of wooden panels

about h250cm x 500cm

on view 20|03|2024_20|04|2024

corner Eggestraat + Hendrik Consciencelaan

Mortsel [BE]

classic advertising panels are replaced by

green painted and stained wooden panels made from leftover cuts

shades + textures of green  + their coloured edges

announce the coming spring season

opportunities for art are everywhere

from an empty store window (cfr my antwerpartbox project) to less used

advertising billboards just around the corner from our home

i decided to 'advertise' nature + the coming spring season

using bought + free pieces of multiply + osb panels [man versus nature]

painted + stained in various shades + textures of green

red/blue/yellow edges symbolising the slowly emerging flowers

in a few weeks the surrouding bare trees will serve as a green background


big thanks to Stad Mortsel for the location !

photos by Nathalie Douxfils + Jonas Van Avermaet + David Boon

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