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#FFFF00 | you gotta say yes to another excess

gallery shots: thanks to Zeit

studio photographs: thanks to Lee Wei Swee

 17|09|2021 - 23|10|2021

open every Thursday, Friday & Saturday 2 pm - 7 pm and on appointment


Thursday 16 September, 5 to 9 pm

Friday 22 October 2 pm - 9 pm


Erik Haemers BLOCKLINE 18 signal yellow
José Maria Yturralde, POSTLUDIO II, 2004
Erik Haemers BLOCKLINE 18 signal yellow
Zeit_expo2021_#FFFF00 (8)
Erik Haemers BLOCKLINE 18 signal yellow (5)
Wouter Hoste, Towering 4, 2021, and Jef Meyer, Untitled, 2016
Gilbert Decock, 1996 & Georg Karl Pfahler, 1977


Zeit kindly invited me to participate in the groupexpo

#FFFF00, You gotta say yes to another excess

Celebrating the start of the new season
with an explosion of colour, and one colour in particular:


Zeit brings a wide selection of works and items in which yellow is a dominant factor. The summer of 2021 wasn’t very bright, let’s make up for it with a golden autumn.


On view is my "blockline 18 traffic yellow".


Part of the limited edition objects|sculpture series
somewhere between 2d & 3d, inspired by architecture + construction

Find the rest of this series on my website

artworks by


Karin Beyens, Pol Bury, Georges Collignon, Amédée Cortier, Carlos Cruz-Diez, Gilbert Decock, Jo Delahaut, Erik Haemers, Hans Hartung, Utz Kampmann, Walter Leblanc, Kurt Lewy, Pol Mara, Marc Mendelson, Luc Peire, Georg Karl Pfahler, Otto Piene, Remo Remotti, Jules Schmalzigaug, Gilbert Swimberghe, Guy Vandenbranden, Paul Van Hoeydonck, Elke Van Kerckvoorde, Mark Verstockt, José Maria Yturralde

furniture and lamps by


text: thanks to Zeit

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