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antwerp art box
a temporary art space project using empty store windows throughout Antwerp

antwerpartbox 14 art van triest web1 low res
Art van Triest hoist GRID (2)
Art van Triest hoist GRID detail
antwerp art box art van triest night view
antwerpartbox 14 art van triest web2 low res



art van triest

hoist / GRID

on view

11|11|23 till 11|12|23


all welcome for a talk/drink with art van triest


sat 11/11/23


marialei 33 | 2018 antwerp



ig artvantriest


website art van triest

" Central to my work is the human tendency to fight our fundamental fear and insecurity with an order, a system. I see this as a coping mechanism: an attempt to get a grip on the world around us, which stems from a deep need for control, or the illusion of control.

I see this tendency to frame reality in a system on various levels. It is anchored in our thinking: we divide the world around us into categories and use rational constructs to define differences and make connections. This also shapes our world in a concrete sense: from spreadsheets to urban planning and agriculture or architecture.

My work is a visual investigation, in which I question how this frame relates to the physical reality of the world around us. I see the grid as too straightforward a way of relating to reality. With my work I want to offer a visual counterbalance to the simplification and standardization of our environment and way of thinking. I would like to strive for a more realistic positioning of man, in which we can relate to reality in a more complete way. "



a temporary art space project
using empty [store] windows throughout Antwerp

bringing art and some light into the city with limited means

 i love design, architecture, photography and other people's art
i like to share that love through making|curating exhibitions

i invite artists, photographers, architects, ... to do their 'thing'

sometimes i do my 'thing' as intermezzo between two boxes

walk, ride or drive by
the lights are on ti
ll about 24.00
and there's good food + coffee on the corner at Bar Vert



erik haemers + art van triest

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