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antwerp art box
a temporary art space project using empty store windows throughout Antwerp

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Erris Huigens (9)


with artist

deconstructie \ erris huigens

on view from 26|01|2023 till 06|03|2023

Marialei 33 | 2018 Antwerp

open/closed 24/7

hercompositie [recompose]

recomposed . remixed . given a new life


shedding a new light on objects and materials taken from an abandoned building

these have been recomposed for functional as well as artistic purposes

the spray painted shaped canvas and readymade object serve as sculptural references

to many painted interventions in and on abandoned buildings all around the world

an archival photo mirrors thoughts, shape + space

the building of origin has now been demolished

what remains is this physical installation, remembering its architectural heritage




deconstructie.erris [at]


a temporary art space project
using empty [store] windows throughout Antwerp

bringing art and some light into the city with limited means

 i love design, architecture, photography and other people's art
i like to share that love through making/curating exhibitions

my art sometimes, but i also invite artists, photographers, architects, ...
anybody with a good idea for presenting their art or making an art intervention


walk, ride or drive by
the lights are on till about 23.00
and there's good  food + coffee on the corner at Bar Vert

big thanks to De Veerman for letting me use this space

#streetart #buyartfromlivingartists

photos | erris huigens + erik haemers

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