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photographs: zebrastraat + erik haemers

Zebrastraat celebrates the art collection of it's founders the Liedts-Meesen family

curator Ignace Devoldere made his choice out of this public and private collection

 11|05|2023 - 11|06|2023


mesh 1234

part of the mesh series first shown at the zebrastraat artist of the month expo in 2020

temporariliy taken from it's regular habitat: the Lieds-Meesen family home's courtyard



Joachim Bandau | Dirk Braeckman | Mario De Brabandere | Camiel Van Breedam | Nicoline Van Stapele | Sol Lewitt | Ben Nicholson | Sofie Muller | Walter Leblanc | Dan Van Severen | Willy De Sauter | Henk Delabie | Raoul Dekeyser | Eduardo Chillida | Fontana | Pierre Soulages | Honoré d'O



zebrastraat 32

9000 gent [be]


text by zebrastraat



A quirky selection from the art collection of the Liedts-Meesen Foundation.

Over the years, the Liedts-Meesen Foundation has built up an impressive art collection. Part of it can be admired permanently in the indoor and outdoor areas of Zebrastraat. However, the collection is larger and many works of art that are in private spaces have never been shown to the general public.


The exhibition 'Chosen', curated by curator Ignace Devoldere, shows for the first time an idiosyncratic selection of work by internationally and nationally known and lesser-known artists, most of whom are still active.

The Liedts-Meesen family bought the works out of passion and their personal sense of beauty. In doing so, they mainly support(ed) young and less well-known artists. The collection looks very diverse, both in terms of style and technique.


The exhibition 'Chosen' shows drawings, paintings, video art, digital art, graphic and spatial work in a surprising way. Let your imagination and feeling run wild when you see works of art by Francis Alÿs, Pierre Soulages, Koen Thys, Pjeroo Roobjee, Dirk Braeckman, Camiel Van Breedam, Honoré D'O, Hans Vandekerckhove, Guy Slabbinck and many others.

Curator Ignace Devoldere respected the eclectic composition of the collection when selecting the works. As a result, abstract and narrative works hang in close proximity or the artworks of well-known and lesser-known artists enter into a dialogue with each other.


Ultimately, 'Chosen' is all about beauty and the pleasure of looking, choosing and collecting.

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