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groupsexpo platFORM at De Tank

an artist studio space in the center of Brugge

i was invited by Matthias Knockaert to participate in this exhibition showcasing work of De Tank residents
(Matthias Knockaert, Eva Dinneweth, Leen Vandorpe) + Erwin Cattoor

reacting to the raw exhibtion space i made a temporary in situ 'mirror' comment on the missing ceiling panels

echoing my long standing 1234 series


thanks to De Tank + Het Entrepot

photos by Matthias Knockaert, Dajo Van den Bussche + me

graphic desgin by me, myself + i   ;-)

20210608-2021-06-08 13.56.52
20210607-2021-06-07 15.27.46 2
20210608-2021-06-08 14.44.43
20210607-2021-06-07 15.29.27
20210607-2021-06-07 15.23.02
20210610-2021-06-10 16.08.09
2021-06-07 13.25.47
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