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art ghent [ smak ]

ART GHENT, the pop-up project by Ben Benaouisse

moved to the S.M.A.K.

 01|04|2021 - 02|05|2021

Ben was so kind to invite me to show my artwork

Showing work from my Frame series
After it's first display in Zebrastraat
the work is back in my hometown of Ghent

Thanks to Ben I met Merlyn Paridaen
whom I invited to the Antwerp Art Box project

some of the artists on view:

Nico Burssens

Matthias Knockaert

Geert Carlu

Sam Eggermont

Martine Dosselaere

Cecilia Jaime

Wim Maes

Michael Filez

Ben Benaouisse

Yasmina Assbane

Vero Federica Rigole

Wim Nival

Brunhilde Borms


frame series in combination with wim nival
frame series with wim nival, sam eggermont, ...
frame series with wim nival, wim maes, sam eggermont, nico burssens, etc




ART GHENT is a shop for artists that curator-artist Ben Benaouisse founded in early 2021 in a vacant temping agency office in the Brabantdam in Ghent. During the month of April, he will also be residing in S.M.A.K. with this multi-faceted visual arts project.

ART GHENT unites ‘Economy’ with ‘New Poetry’ as a potential response to the unprecedented circumstances in which artists and society find themselves today. Practically, this translates into the development of commercial and artistic activities, such as the organisation of exhibitions, the sale of artworks, the discussion of portfolios and the development of experimental projects and collaborations.

Unlike commercial galleries, Ben Benaouisse does not take a percentage on the sale of artworks. Artists only enter into a personal commitment with ART GHENT that is posted and explained on the public ‘interim wall’. Besides purchase and sale, exchange agreements are possible. Artists can also donate their work, after which the profit goes entirely to ART GHENT. In this way, the shop accumulates a reserve with which to continue its activities and further shape the ‘total performance’.

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