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antwerp art box 07

milan henderickx

carrier / pedestal



marialei 33




Milan Henderickx [1995] is an Antwerp-based Belgian artist + artisan, working in different fields. His practice is an intriguing mix of designer, visual artist, researcher, collaborator, maker and installer. Techniques may vary, but there is a constant issue of materiality, form, judgement, research, analyzing, and ultimately a question of authenticity. This authenticity can sometimes reside in the object itself and other times in the relationship between the object and its surroundings. Milan’s work has been shown in Antwerp, Brussels, Düsseldorf + Jerusalem

He likes to call them carriers, “pedestals”, as the balancing pieces represent the family, carrying and supporting each other. The balancing of the pieces is physically possible, except for one red floating piece in the back, the supernatural, representing his dad. Pedestal 1+ 2 were made specifically for the funeral service in December 2022 of Milan Henderickx’s father, Wim Henderickx (composer), whose music can be heard by scanning the QR-code on the window.. Milan designed the cover for his album Revelations. Pedestal 1 was made for holding his father’s portrait on the altar in the Antwerp Cathedral. For this piece, there is a significant reference to the Great Descent from the Cross-painting by Rubens, hanging right behind the piece. The pedestals are also painter's easels, referring to the artist his father was for him. He sees both objects as functional objects that can also function as a freestanding sculpture.


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