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art van triest

hoist / GRID



marialei 33




" Central to my work is the human tendency to fight our fundamental fear and insecurity with an order, a system. I see this as a coping mechanism: an attempt to get a grip on the world around us, which stems from a deep need for control, or the illusion of control.

I see this tendency to frame reality in a system on various levels. It is anchored in our thinking: we divide the world around us into categories and use rational constructs to define differences and make connections. This also shapes our world in a concrete sense: from spreadsheets to urban planning and agriculture or architecture.

My work is a visual investigation, in which I question how this frame relates to the physical reality of the world around us. I see the grid as too straightforward a way of relating to reality. With my work I want to offer a visual counterbalance to the simplification and standardization of our environment and way of thinking. I would like to strive for a more realistic positioning of man, in which we can relate to reality in a more complete way. "


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