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antwerp art box 20

sofiia yesakova

People in paradise will enjoy the spectacle of hell's torment



marialei 33




the site-specific installation is built on contradictions . sensual experience of being and indifferent calculation . according to statistics, 90% of the data existing now in the information space were produced in the last 2 years . every day new symptoms of information overload are discovered
truth in the stream of noise becomes barely visible, it becomes more and more difficult to analyse ‘true’ or ‘false’ ideas . disorderly consumption of news leads to information blindness . the main task of the thinking individual is to escape from the affective impact + manipulation of new media on consciousness
a transparent curtain fastened with screws shows the accessibility of information, a sense of freedom of choice at a first glance, but also the impossibility of accessing the truth and verifying its veracity
control of information flow, creation of only biased materials for media space, all this is a tool for gradual change of citizens’ personality + is also a mechanism for controlling the general opinion
we live in an age of illusion of information availability . security is also an illusion


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